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LEDriving PX-5: Modern patterned diodes with 5 LEDs

LEDriving PX-5
LEDriving PX-5

With the LEDriving PX-5, OSRAM offers a high-performance and stylish daytime running light to upgrade with. The LED daytime running light impresses with its modern patterned diode optics and slim design.

LEDriving PX-5: modern LED daytime running light with low energy consumption

With its patterned diode design of five LEDs, the PX-5 gives your vehicle a modern and stylish look. Thanks to the special design of the LEDriving system, both daytime running lights have an inclination of 10° and are readily interchangeable. The high colour temperature of 5200 Kelvin and long life of up to 5000 hours provide endless driving pleasure. Using our installation tips, the PX-5 daytime running lights can also be installed in no time at all. 

Our instructions show the installation of the LEDriving PX-5 in just a few steps:

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