Automotive Academy

Presenting the Automotive Academy:

Automotive Academy

A warm welcome to the OSRAM Automotive Academy – the portal for tuners, car enthusiasts, and like-minded souls. Here you will find almost anything your heart desires: information about our exciting LED products, self-installation and upgrading, as well as practical installation videos and instructions.

Who we are

The driving force behind Automotive Academy is a young team from OSRAM, passionate about automotive lighting both professionally and privately. We are not only experts on the products, but also like to work on our own cars.

All information at a glance

Are you an automotive professional, tuner, or do you simply want to know more about our exciting LED products and how to install them? Then you’re in the right place. From A for Accessories to Z for Zoom – you will find everything you need here.

A for accessories


Want to know whether you need accessories to install some products? Our videos will show you immediately what you need for installation in your car.  

C for contact


Do you have any questions on our LED products? Then just contact our Automotive LED experts team:

OSRAM Automotive LED Hotline

Available in English and German
Tel.: +49 89 62 13 33 22*
Mo. to Fr. from 09 am - 06 pm
* Additional telephone costs can occur

D for discover


Discover our exciting installation videos – specially tailored for your vehicle. The experts from the OSRAM plant in Herbrechtingen explain the installation of our leading-edge LED lights and headlights step by step. The special features of each vehicle have been carefully checked. More videos will be added over time, so it’s worth checking us out from time to time.

E for exchange


At the Academy, we show you how conventional fog lights can be easily replaced by LED fog lights. Have a look at our exciting videos, click through the installation instructions and draw inspiration from the LEDriving products.

I for information


The Automotive Academy is full of information on OSRAM LED automotive lights. Whether daytime running lights, fog lights, or stylish lighting for vehicle interiors, for each product we offer full product information, downloads and installation instructions, or installation videos.

L for LED


You may be asking yourself why we only provide information and installation tips on the OSRAM LED products in our academy. The answer is quite simple – LED is THE technology in automotive lighting. These lights have a particularly long life, high brightness level, a long range, and are flexible in design. Our LED lights can also be installed with ease and replace current automotive lighting technologies (such as halogen and filament lamps) without a problem.

S for Social


Any questions, requests or suggestions? Then go for it – contact us. We’ll be happy to provide you with more information and support. Which vehicle would you like more videos for? Which subjects should appear on our social media channels? And so on… We look forward to your input.

Z for Zoom


In order for you to know exactly how our LED lights are installed, we have zoomed in at close range for you. Extensive product information and details on installation can be found here:

All products at a glance

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